With Propel Financial Services, making a lien assignment is a simple, easy-to-understand way to resolve your property tax obligations. It starts when you make a call to one of our knowledgeable, supportive property tax consultants.

Step 1 – You apply.
Call us at 800-756-5131 to complete a quick telephone application.

Step 2 – We process and approve.

We’ll process your account as soon as we receive the completed application
and can usually approve it the same day.

Step 3 – Close.

We’ll meet to close the transfer, reviewing details and signing the necessary documents. Closing can take place in our office or at your location — just let us know the most convenient time and place for you.

Step 4 – We Pay Your Taxes

As soon as three days after closing, we will pay everything you owe
directly to the tax office.

Step 5 — County Approval

The County Treasurer signs the TLA and returns it to Propel.

Step 6 — Monthly Payments to Us

Make your monthly payments. If you’d like to pay off your account early, go ahead — there are no prepayment penalties.

Step 7 — Release of Lien

Once your account with us is paid, the tax lien is taken off of your property.

Lien Assignments

You made me feel my best interest was your main concern. I would advise anyone in our position with their taxes to contact Propel.
— Derrell, Houston, TX

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