How to Understand your Tax Bill

The first step toward understanding your annual property tax bill is to know how your county’s appraisal district arrived at the amount they’re requiring you to pay. In Texas, there are three major parts to the property tax system. 1. Your local appraisal district sets the value of property each year. 2. A panel of […]



How to Qualify for the Homestead Exemption

Most Texans agree that property taxes are too high. And although future tax relief appears murky and uncertain, there are exemptions all Texas homeowners can follow to lower the cost of their property taxes. In the state of Texas, property taxes are locally assessed and locally administered. These taxes pay for schools, roads, libraries, police […]



Propel Wins 6th Top Places to Work Award

Propel Financial Services’ positive culture continues to earn recognition near our headquarters in San Antonio. This month, the San Antonio Express-News recently announced its winners for the annual Top Places to Work award, and Propel was once again recognized as one of the community’s best employers. This award marks the sixth time since 2011 that […]



How to Avoid Property Tax Confusion

It can be hard to keep up. Property taxes are ever changing in Texas. And yes, we admit that getting information on these rates can be confusing, even when cities and counties are required to publish ads in newspapers every August showing their old tax rates, their proposed tax rates for the new year, and […]



Propel Financial Services Announces Consolidated Branding System & Website Between Rio Tax and Propel Tax

SAN ANTONIO, TX (September 5, 2018) – Propel Financial Services, a property tax loan firm based in San Antonio, Texas, is pleased to announce the completion of a successful brand and identity update in conjunction with Rio Tax and Propel Tax. Having combined with Rio Tax in 2007, and formally consolidated entities in 2012, this […]

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