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Propel Financial Services specializes in financing property tax delinquencies. Our management team possesses vast public and private sector expertise in purchasing, managing, and collecting delinquent taxes. We take great pride in our company’s sensitivity to the relationship between a government and its taxpayers, and we work closely with communities to provide solutions tailored to their particular needs. With offices throughout Texas, California, and New Jersey, Propel’s employees are engaged in every aspect of property tax collection.

If your office is interested in discussing the different ways taxing entities across the United States collect their delinquent property taxes, please contact:

Email us at contactus@propelfs.com or call us at 877-327-0161.

Propel will be able to discuss what options are available in your state and work with you to develop a program that meets the needs of your community.

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You were very professional and helped me with all my questions. You offered numerous ideas and were very helpful. I will refer any friends in the same issues.
— Lydia, Houston, TX

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